Manny Pacquiao Wins to Shane Mosley

Las Vegas, Nevada - Everybody is expecting to have the fight be finished immediately but all 12 rounds were used. All is expecting for a TKO but the fight ended with a unanimous decision taking the win for Manny Pacquiao over Shane Mosley.

Manny Pacquiao dominated almost all the rounds taking Mosley to lost the fight  in the end. People are expecting for an early result but the fight lasted for 12 rounds.

Mosley dropped twice on the ring with Pacquiao's puncher over him. But Manny also fell down when Mosley tried to push away Pacquiao. The latter become angry and pissed off so Pacquiao eagerly releases punches to Mosley but Mosley is trying to avoid the punches by hugging Pacquiao. The crowd chants over Mosley thinking that was a dirty tactics from Mosley. At The end, Filipino pride won the bout.



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